Monday, February 22, 2021

February 22, 2021

 February 22, 2021

 Hello kitty lovers! Today's been a good productive day here at All My Kitties. 

I had lots of office kitty "helpers" working with me at the computer desk today.

Roxanne is a newcomer who loves this spot behind the computer! 

Maisie is another kitty who likes to be nearby when I'm working

And Tucker also loves this little nook! If he's not back there he's lounging and rolling around in the condos 

Nando is another cat who likes to get up on the desk to help. We're glad you're back, Nando!

Lily is just the cutest! She is always having an adventure of some sort

Pancakes likes to follow me around while I'm cleaning. He talks to me and asks for pets all day!

Pancakes and Lily got some playtime on the tower in today as well (With Arya in the background)

Arya mostly prefers her own condo but can also be found exploring all over the cattery

Reina is a little shy, but looked adorable poking her head out from under her bedding!

Reina's brother, Charlie is a little more adventurous and found this heated basket out on the catio!

Basso found a fun catnip toy to roll around on the floor with 

Hamza is a new customer who is getting to know me and all the perches in the office

And Raffy can usually be found in his favorite spot up on top of the condo!

That's it for today, folks! Tune in next time for more kitty pictures!

Have a purrrfect night,


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