Friday, February 19, 2021

February 19th, 2021

 February 19th, 2021

Things are warming back up after our snow days last week, and we've got more kitties who have been coming in!

Basso is a sweetheart and has mostly been prefering hanging out in his condo

Beau just got here today and is still settling in

Coco looks very cute with his new haircut! He's also settling in, and loves the heating pad we put in his kitty kasa

Felix has been warming up to us and now likes to sit on top of his den so he can see everything!

Jinx can often be found lounging outside on the catio. He also loves following me around!

Lily likes being up high so she can watch things unfold in the cattery. The picture with her tongue out is too cute!

Manny enjoys napping on top of the condos most of the day, but has also been getting out and exploring a bit!

Nando is a familiar face who is back with us for a few days!

Pancho and I had a great snuggle/selfie session on the stairs today

And Rocky doesn't let a sore leg stop him! He like spending time outside just as much as he likes being in his condo

Scarlet is a total sweetheart and we've been enjoying some cuddle time together. If she's not in a snuggly mood she's still nearby watching me most of the day!

Skylar's a bit shy but has found a super comfy basket spot tucked away on a shelf to get some privacy from the other cats

Tucker is still the number one fan of the scratcher in the office!

And Tuckerman is another cat who likes to roam our full facility, getting quality time both inside and outside!

Those are all of our cats today folks! Thanks for reading and have a purrfect day!


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