Friday, June 11, 2021

June 11, 2021

 June 11th 

Happy Friday Everyone! It is the end of the week and our kitties are looking forward to a relaxing weekend! 

Antoine was not very happy with me today! First, it was raining and second, we were doing a deep clean of the catio! The king of the catio wanted to veto that idea!  

Dexter is such a sweetie! He might not be as demanding as his sister but he will definitely tell you it is time for pets : )

Grayson was not in the mood for photos today! He just wanted to lay by the heating lamp and call it a day : )

Grayson and Archer chilling like the two cool cats they are! 

Janeway and Archer are back again! They just arrived this morning but they are old hats at this and are already making more new friends : )

Harry Potter was very energic today! I was surprised I got any good photos the way he was zooming around! He was make a great quidditch player!

Kumo and Mika are settling in well. They went on an exploration this morning even making it into the closet! This afternoon, they enjoyed some snuggling : )

Leo is another new friend! He has been very vocal today and loves to climb; boxes or people, he doesn't care which! 

More new friends! Lila and Luna are settling in well! They did not want to explore today but they were gluttons for the cuddles : )

Michael is leaving us today and we will miss him! He is a very chill dude and like to explore when everyone is asleep! We hope to see him again soon!

Is it a bird or a plane?! No it is just Mixy! 
She made me jump a couple times today with her acrobatics : ) 

Phil Collins is settling in well! Nothing is better on a cold rainy day than snuggling up with a blanket!

Thinley and Rani are also new friends! They took a leaf out of Phil's book and decided that snuggles are best on a rainy day :)

Roxanne is living her best life! She is loving the heated blankets and is not afraid to ask for the attnetion that she deserves : )

Sayyida is another very vocal friend! She is always chatting with me is the office! 

Tali had to explore every high spot in the office before she decided where to nap! She was not happy that I woke her for this photo : )

Theo is still being shy today! Although she is not interested in exploring outside of her condo, she gets a lot of visitors! What a cute hostess : )

Zolo's first day back! We are excited to see him again! What a cutie!

Spark was his usual wild self today! He spent most of the afternoon playing with another cat under the door! What a good man : )

Last but not least, Harvey! We are glad to have him back! He knows the ropes and he is ready to go!

I hope these cuties are the perfect end to your week! Have a great weekend!

AMK Team 

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