Thursday, June 3, 2021

June 3rd 2021


June 3rd, 2021

Happy Thursday Everyone! 

It is cooler today and all our furry friends are taking advantage of it! We have a lot of new friends today and they are settling in well :)

 Higgins is a new friend! He took today to explore his new space. He has found that he loves being high in the catio and can most likely be found hanging out with his new friend, Katie! 

Jinx spent the morning helping me get all of the chores done! He still in unsure if he like the broom or not. And of course, nothing is better than taking a nap after the cleaning is done :)

Katie is happy with she is high up in the catio. Whenever we come out on the porch, she immediately greets us! She is too funny :)

Marley is still after my chair and I have had to surround it. He is a very happy with this new arrangement!

Marley and Martin became good friends today! 

Martin has really come out of his box. He has been exploring the other cat's condos!

Rocky had a very lazy day! With the cooler weather, he could be found napping on the catio. Every time on a different shelf. We did catch him making his way to the next nap spot!

Roxy! What a lifestyle! Food, water, and her bed! She has been relaxing for most of the morning but this afternoon she was very playful as long as the toy did not mess with her bed :) 

Schooner came out to get cuddles today! He is not a fan of the other cats coming into his space. However, he does not mind when I do :) What friendly little man! 

Taco was being shy! She did not want me to take her picture, although she did say yes to some scratches behind the ear :)

Scout is such a pretty lady. She was out and about this morning. She is nervous about making friends but she likes both Chef and Marley when they come to visit!

Chef was extremely lazy today. Yesterday, he played all day and visited with his friends in their condos. So today, he just wanted to hangout on the top of the all of the condos. It's hard being a party animal!

Grayson has returned! Today, he has spent the day exploring the catio and visiting the other cats! It is great to have him back :) 

We hope that everyone's week is going well! Until next time!


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