Saturday, June 19, 2021

June 19, 2021


Happy Juneteenth!

Washi kept me company all throughout the office.

Handsome Gabe is such a charmer.

Rocky feels just like a Rockstar! ⭐🎸

We're always happy to welcome back the sweetness of Pancakes.

Ollie and Otis are bright and curious today.

I found Oreo on top of the condos, and she gave me a tongue blep. 😝 

Olive is making friends with her condo neighbor Washi.

Right now, we are hosting 3 (yes, three) brown tabbies with short tails! I spent a lot of time today trying to tell them apart. Here are brother and sister of the group, Luna and PurrC.

And, here is the 3rd brown tabby with a short tail - Eve!

 Mac and Marshall have made themselves at home.

Kuma is still getting used to the frequent visits from humans and other cats.

Juno's personality is just as pretty as her appearance.

Oyster likes to try to eat everyone else's food (but not his own).

Gus likes that there is room to stretch out in our extra-large condos.

Here are some group photos, featuring Grayson!

Frodo made time in his schedule to both nap in his basket and lounge in the window box.

Here are the fluffs Junebug and Roger.

Marie's house cat Domino makes an appearance.

Chloe planned her own adventure today, and made some friends along the way.

Boo has found another cozy hideaway to relax in.

Bisbee is still unsure about the other cats, so he prefers to chill in his condo.

Bird is extra talkative when she wants attention!

Bella and Enzo are taking advantage of the opportunity to unwind on this sunny day.

Fuzzy toe bean alert! 

I'm invading Arlo's purr-sonal space just a little bit for these shots.

Almond is back and it's like he was never gone. 


Wow, that was a long blog! We are almost back to being as busy as the pre-pandemic days. Make sure to book your summer and fall stays with us now!

Enjoy the weekend and the wonderful weather. 🌞

AMK Team

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  1. That was indeed a very long post. Phew!
    So glad to read about all the furr babies.