Friday, October 21, 2022

Happy Friday, its finally starting to feel like Fall!

Alpha and Nardo exploring all over today!

Anakin is always on the move!

Baker and Kyrie are still settling in but both love their hidey beds!

Boba is a shy boy loves to watch everything from his condo!

Charlie keeping an eye on things from the top of the catio!

Nagi loving all the head scratches and Fennec hunting down a toy mouse!

Gizmo doing some bird watching!

Jinx cozy as ever purring away!

Lila loves to cozy up under her blankets!

Luna giving us a very big stretch!

Mac and Octane both settling in for their afternoon nap!

Michie loves the freshly mopped floors!

Millie K asking for pets!

Millie C sleepy eyed waiting for he lunch!

Otis sniffing all around the catio, looking for the best hangout spot!

Pixel looking majestic as always!

Shibden wide eyed looking for birds and Fennel curled up and cozy napping away!

Smokey hanging out atop the condos!

Nefertari (Tari) showing off her many extra toes!

That's all for today, see you back her on Sunday!
-AMK Team


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  1. Thank you for the photos! I miss my girl, but it is so nice to have her Picture. I look forward to the days you publish so much! Kathy