Saturday, October 1, 2022

October 1, 2022

 Happy October!

Edward is a master bird watcher, when condos open each morning a dart to the catio is always first on his list. Vivian loves catnip! 
She would like it delivered daily to her condo. 

Charlotte is a master sleeper! Jack needs some encouragement when trying out the window boxes.

Elsie loves cubbies! She always returns here after exploring. 

Chloe's favorite place is the heating pad on the bookshelves. 

This is where we find her before meal time everyday. 

Yoda likes the high places in the catio. He does not let being a tripod hold him back!

Millie is a master napper. She has located all the heating pads on the catio!

Dale loves the catio!

Porter enjoys window time!

The many faces of Miniko

Cloudy & Taofu are shy, but the toys are helping them come out of their shell.

Pete has a lot to say! He's always letting us know what he is up to. 

Dot & Pixel are very interested in the this toy. How did this get in here! 

Dash & Daisy are both pros at the catio. 

Lucy & Tommy Pickles have both decided to explore a bit more, Tommy likes the neighbors condo better than his. 

Bastet & Khonsu like cubbies of all sorts. Sometimes inside, sometimes outside. 

Felix  prefers to observe from the privacy of his cubby. 

Scarlett is a bit shy so she got some alone time to explore while everyone else was still sleeping. 

Ani is just the sweetest! she likes chin scratches and treats. 

Makana tells us all about her adventures!

Hana & Yuki like the tops of condo, they have each claimed their own!

Roxanne says "what is this window business?"

Big Jump! 

Charles, the resident cat! 

We will see you on Monday! 

AMK Team

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