Saturday, October 15, 2022

October 15, 2022

Happy weekend, all the kitties are taking it easy for the day!

Almond hopping around the shelves on the catio!

Alpha and Nardo getting more comfortable everyday, Nardo even came out to explore this afternoon!

Anakin is a shy boy but loves to watch the kitties from his condo!

Azula spends most of her days napping but was very excited for some afternoon playtime!

Beau is a solitary man he likes the simple things, food and naps!

Chloe giving us a purrrfect model shot!

Clovis snoozin' away!

Dexter and Watson taking turns exploring and napping!

Pixel found a catnip toy to keep him busy and Dot is very focused on the birds!

Shibden running around on the stairs, and Fennel giving me some kisses this morning!

Georgia likes to hangout right on top of her condo where she can keep an eye on things!

Izzy loves to hangout in her condo and watch from afar!

Jinx can be found almost anywhere from bird watching to basket napping!

Jules Claw has made lots of friends, one of them is Obi!

Michie is already patiently waiting for dinner!

Millie in "loaf mode" ready for a nap!

Mr. Bingley loves to be held, and gets hugs every chance he can get!

Obi is always looking for head scratches!

Oliver loves to chat with his very cute squeaky meow!

Penny is still adjusting but is happy to nap in her big cozy bed!

Pete taking it easy today!

Rocky Rockstar can almost always be found relaxing on top of the condos waiting for his next meal!

Swiss Cheese getting her tan on!

Harvey relaxing after lots of playtime this morning!

That's all for today, See you all on Monday!
-AMK Team

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