Tuesday, September 12, 2023

September 12, 2023

 September 12th

Happy Tuesday Everyone! 

Mushu and Sammy put their party hats on to wish their cat dad Erik a very Meowy Birthday!
Sammy and Mushu making their way around the cattery

Luke hanging out with Mr. Will. 

Ruby lounging on the catio

Valentin heard it was almost time for dinner

Babka showing you his scratching and lounging skills

Pacho heard there might be catnip?

Oscar focused on the bird watching 

Teo finally got up to the window with Greta

Sammy staying cozy today

Precious says they will come out for catnip and
 Pretty Blue Eyes finding all the lounging spots

Pippin exploring the bookshelves

Gus settling in for a nap

Opal napping on top of the condos

Jubilee com in gout of the window for some pets

Mr. Will exploring the catio

Greta upside down and right side up

Zeus comfy at the top of a condo

Alice hanging with some cat nip in their condo

Bella and Luna lounging around the cattery

Clovis likes the catnip!

Stevie giving a little smile for their photo

We will see you Thursday! 
-AMK Team

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