Wednesday, September 20, 2023

September 20, 2023

 Sept 20th

Happy Wednesday Everyone! 

Luke is always exploring and making friends

Ruby T heard it was almost time for dinner

Valentin and Luke can always be found exploring together. 

Pacho getting some scratching in and exploring the catio

Mushu relaxing on the catio and 
Sammy showing the scratcher who's boss

Opal strutting her stuff on the catio 
and asking for some belly rubs

Greta so pretty in the window

Zeus would like to know if there are more treats

Stevie always ready for their close up

Ruby W posing on the stairs and asking for some pets

Sandy Mittens has found they like the tops of the condo for napping

Quinn spending time on the catio and Franklin getting some pets

Duck posing on the stairs

Aioli is out exploring 

Milo found the best hiding spot in the bookshelf

Roxanne hanging out on the catio

Mittens settling in to her favorite basket

Knickerbocker exploring and getting sniffed by Ruby W

Goose relaxing in the window

Jelly loves the window time

Jinx giving their sassy face

Brio exploring the cattery and spending time with new friends

Teddy relaxing in a neighbors condo

Nisa Boo exploring the baskets and Momo taking a much needed nap

See you all Friday! 
-AMK Team

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