Saturday, September 2, 2023

September 2, 2023

 September 2nd 2023

Happy Caturday!

Aero and Sine are pros at napping on the catio

Luke loves to hang out on the stairs then lead you to his condo

Gus Gus loves cubbies to snooze away in and takes an opportunity to get a lift from a handler

Musubi loves their cubby

Laptop exploring the high shelves on the catio and being silly in the window

Nala letting us know it's almost dinner time

Stewart can always be found by the humans, 
Ivy and Cora are out exploring other kitty's condos!

Ruby loves being on the catio

Waffles lounging away

Valentin would like more pets, they love all the attention

Harvey would like to know when dinner is?

Nasfuratu coming in for some pets

Roger and Trudy love their condo and love some pets

Lucy exploring the catio and Tommy cuddled up in a cubby

Babka finding all the cubbies to nap in

Condi is great at posing for the camera

Ollie and Otis lounging in their condo

Biggie Smalls coming out of the window for some pets and Meredith lounging half in their cubby

Beans exploring the catio and Francis staying cozy in their condo

Jasmine staying cozy in their cubby

Ben is a professional napper

Roxanne climbing the scratcher

Baker and Casey staying cozy in their cubbies and Kyrie  cozy in their favorite basket

Moose finds all the cozy cubbies

We will see you Monday! 

-AMK Team

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