Saturday, November 11, 2023

November 11, 2023

 November 11

We hope wherever you are, you're enjoying a Caturday as lovely as ours at AMK! It's pretty gloomy out, so half of our gang are staying cozy indoors and the other half are burning off some energy!

Gambo and Gogo are so curious about AMK! They've started to explore, and lots of our residents are ready to show them around! So far, they prefer to adventure together and then come back to snuggle together :)


Mac and Octane are long time visitors of AMK! They know how things work around here, and totally do their own thing as soon as they arrive. Both are very independent kitties, but make no mistake that they still need some love and attention in between their adventures!

Pepper and Mocha are enjoying their stay! Pepper is a big fan of being indoors, especially up high where she can see everything. Mocha is so excited about getting to hang out on the catio, that's all she can think about!

Moon and I are becoming steady friends. He always looks a little suspicious first thing in the morning, so I give him a few extra pets and he remembers that he likes me :) He goes down to the catio usually first thing in the morning, then spends his day watching everyone from above.

Nala is such a brave and adventurous girl! She really is seizing the day, enjoying each part of the cattery as she makes her rounds and says hello to everyone. 

Peanut will forever crack us up with his mischievous antics! He's such a goofball, always making us smile. Today, he's decided to befriend Apollo! 

Jessica is practically the queen of the cattery. She does her own thing, knows when dinner time is, and loves to just hang out, no expectations. She's a good friend to have around!

Kirby and Peanut actually played together for a bit today! It was so special seeing Kirby initiate some playtime with arguably our most playful fella here, and they had such a blast together! Its so exciting to see kitties becoming friends :) They are very gentle with each other and half of the time I think they just wanted to hug. 

Eren has been making me laugh all day long. He's been following me around during cleaning, and usually gets himself in some goofy situation. Earlier, I found him sitting in the laundry basket, and when another kitty was being picked up, he had to test out their carrier to make sure it was up to standard. 

Edie loves her time alone, but she also loves a good pet every now and then! I love looking to see where she'll be during the day - sometimes in this bed, sometimes hiding up high on a shelf, sometimes in her own condo. She's got her favorite spots she cycles through!

Billie loves being up on top of a condo! It's a nice, cozy spot to be. I think the heat from our air vent probably blows right her direction, so she calls dibs on the coziest nap place.

Taco is so precious! She's a delicate little lady who is fine to hang out solo, but extra love and pets are welcome, too. She's a beautiful girl! She's keeping things snuggly today, enjoying her soft bed and blankets.

Mister Sheldon and Tobi are really enjoying themselves! Nala likes to come hang out in their condo, and she almost looks like she could be Tobi's little sister. Mr. Sheldon doesn't mind the youngster coming to say hello, but he prefers some human attention more :)

Cosmo and Buttercup get more curious every day! So many new places to see, now spots to sit in, and new birds to watch. They've been exploring the catio more, but still love coming back together for cuddles at the end of the day. 

Gus is a major love bug! If you're ever down and in need of a pick me up, Gus is here to listen and give you some comfort! He brings a wonderful mellow energy to the office, reminding us all it's okay to reset and relax. 

Apollo forever will love his spot on top of the condos in the office. He almost blends into the blanket! Purrfect camouflage. 

Luna is such a pretty gal, and she is so independent! She loves exploring the catio, running around the cattery, and generally bringing some playfulness to our sleepy vibes!

Jules is so handsome and sweet! He likes to play with the other kitties when he's in the mood, but on a day like today, he is lounging around wherever he desires!

Tony is looking handsome and loving lots of playtime and scratching on the cat towers! He's burning off some energy this morning, so I know he's going to have one heck of a cat nap later today. 

We hope you have a wonderful Caturday yourself! The kitties are having a blast today, so you should, too! :) We'll check back in with you on Monday with more updates on your little furballs :)


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