Thursday, November 23, 2023

November 23, 2023

 November 23rd

Gobble gobble and Happy Thanksgiving! Do you think we could have convinced any of our guests to wear that beautiful turkey hat pictured above?... Maybe if I offered an actual turkey to feast on in exchange... We hope you're having a wonderful holiday with friends and family! We are giving a little extra love to each of our lovely kitties to spread that thankful spirit. Just for fun, I'm imagining what each kitty would do at a Thanksgiving dinner...

Beautiful gal Luna is having a fun Thanksgiving! She's spending the morning active and excited, she'd make the perfect Thanksgiving dinner host!

Gambo and Gogo looking cozy and cute as ever! These two peas in a pod would probably win "Most Polite" at the Thanksgiving table. 

Nala has taken on the roll of supervisor this year, making sure everything is going to plan. Maybe she would be Luna's co-host!

Dexter and Portia are keeping things cozy. I think they would show up to Thanksgiving dinner with a bottle of catnip wine and doze off on the couch together shortly after eating.

Charlie G probably wouldn't be the first one to greet you when you showed up to the Thanksgiving get together (he's busy setting the table), but later in the evening he'd sit down with you and have a real heart to heart, filling you with that thankful spirit.

Gary is so fun loving! I think he'd show up to Thanksgiving dinner with early Christmas presents for his nieces and nephews, AND he'd let them open them up before dinner.

Saba is such a goofball! I think her sense of humor would keep the whole table laughing, and she'd give the best hugs.

Bunny and Hugo are the guests who would help you set up the house before guests arrive and they'd be there after everyone has left, putting away the food and washing the dishes. They're just sweet like that. 

Bonnie and Clyde would arrive to Thanksgiving at 6:15pm on the dot, wearing their most stunning outfits. They'd be the center of attention and love it, but I think they'd still be humble about it. Plus, I think Bonnie secretly has the best green bean casserole recipe.

Roxanne would be the sweet family member who got comfortable in a rocking chair a half hour before dinner and is peacefully snoozing when everyone is ready to cut the turkey. Later on, she'll pretend she was awake the whole time and was just teasing the yougins. 

Waimea would actually be the best baker, and would make all of the pies. Pumpkin, pecan, apple, cherry... If you want a pie, she made you that pie.

Obi would be a social butterfly in the family. Popping in the kitchen to help with preparations, hanging out with the kiddos, and most importantly, greeting every guest!

Tors would be the one who made the turkey, and he'd do a great job every year!

Almond, much like Roxanne, would probably accidentally doze off and miss the first half of Thanksgiving dinner, but would definitely make it to the table before all the mashed potatoes are gone.

Petunia would make sure to wear her Sunday best and bring the most delightful stuffing you've ever had. 

Azula would come and check in on you after dinner to see if you'd like to cozy up and watch a movie. She gets to choose, though, so it's Garfield 
(2004) with Bill Murray.

Jubilee definitely would greet you when you got in, and maybe make a little joke about how he "only" brought the dinner rolls, as if there wasn't a roll or two on everyone's plate. He wouldn't tell anyone, but they were homemade.

Noodles would be the first one to put on "the big game" in the living room. Which big game, you ask? I'm not sure, and neither is Noodles. He just likes to see all the colors on the tv and he hopes all the teams just have fun.

Cairo would probably watch the game with Noodles, and would get into a deep conversation about how this year's quarterback is really going to take us to the Super Bowl... Noodles wouldn't really understand, but he'd nod enthusiastically anyway.

Murlyn would be the family member who made sure to take a lot of pictures of all the festivities, even if all the photos were a little blurry.

Esme would definitely be the matriarch at this hypothetical dinner, so she'd have a seat at the head of the table. She seems like she'd be a little stern, but she'd let the grandkids have a cookie before dinner. Shh!

Momo would probably be nowhere to be seen until it was time for the meal to be served. Then, as soon as dinner's over, she'd be curled up in bed with a good book. Nisa would think she burnt the yams, but it would actually turn out to have caramelized them nicely, and everyone would ask for her secret.

Alice would just be so happy everyone is together for the holiday! I think she would make sure to take a big family picture together, self timer and everything, so everyone could be included.

Harvey would have a small portion of each offering from the Thanksgiving meal, and he would rank them individually on a scale of 1 - 10 in his head. After dinner, he'd delicately ask Aunt Martha if she changed her recipe for the cranberry sauce (it was more bitter this year, a 5.7/10).

I think Apollo would be the family member who got to cut the turkey. He'd act all bashful and shy about all the attention, but secretly, he would love getting to serve his family.

Baker, Casey and Kyrie would probably each do their own thing at the Thanksgiving dinner - I think Baker would hide out in the kitchen, "helping" with cooking (he'll read the recipe off to you). Casey would probably watch a little bit of whatever parade or football game was on tv and chat with everyone about it. Kyrie would be teaching the kids how to throw a football outside, secretly burning their energy so they'll all nap on the ride home.

Watson would probably leave dinner a little earlier than everyone else. Everyone would assume it's just because he was ready to get home, but actually, he was dropping off a plate of food to his neighbor.

You might think Rori would be in the kitchen cooking, or maybe even watching the kiddos play ball, but I think she'd actually be in the living room, delivering the best comedy special you've ever heard. I think she'd be trying to get a laugh out of everyone in a very deadpan manner.

Moon would be the family member who brings the elaborate gravy boat - it's a family heirloom, and he takes his responsibility as gravy boat bringer very seriously.

Jules would probably sample a few of the Thanksgiving offerings before the meal began. I think Luna would catch him, but she wouldn't be mad. 

Charlie would be the "yes, and" guy to Rori's comedy special. While she'd be a bit more stoic and get laughs from the adults, Charlie would be a real goofball for the kiddos who maybe don't understand all the jokes about taxes. 


Apollo might be the one who cuts the turkey, but I actually think Boris is the one who actually cooked the turkey. He wanted to deep fry it this year, but I think Nala talked him out of it (she heard it can be dangerous, and let's face it - Boris doesn't have opposable thumbs).

I think Tors is actually really looking forward to scoring some good deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. He's trying to sneakily figure out what he can get everyone for Christmas and roped in the kiddos to do some recon for him.

I think Kevin would be the family member that volunteered to run to the store to grab that one last ingredient! Maybe it's ice for the drinks, wood for a bonfire, or some marshmallows needed for the sweet potato casserole. Whatever you were missing, Kevin saves the day!

We hope you enjoyed this special "What If..." version of our Thanksgiving blog! We're thankful you chose AMK to keep your kitties company this holiday season. We get to love on and spend time with so many beautiful kitties we can't help but be thankful for all their sweet, unique personalities! We'll catch up with you again on Saturday, and we hope you have just the coziest Thanksgiving!

AMK Team

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