Sunday, November 19, 2023

November 19th, 2023

 November 19th

Happy Sunday, we hope you all got lots of sleep this weekend!

Almond loves his basket bed!

Azula is so small she blends right in with her bed!

Baz enjoying the small bit of sun we got today!

Hugo like the window while Bunny prefers a nap in her condo!

Bonnie and Clyde spent the morning on the catio bird watching!

Charlie M is showing off his ballerina stance!

Charlie G is helping me with the blog today!

Condi found the perfect spot to relax on!

Portia has a new favorite spot on top of her condo, while Dexter loves napping on the shelf!

Gary is loving all the chin scratches he gets here!

Gogo and Gambo like to spend their time together, but always come out to say hi when it's time for pets!

Jubilee has been snoozin' all morning!

Kevin showing off his cute smile!

Luna loves exploring!

Moon is extra cozy!

Nala says "hi please give pets!"

Noodles has decided the floor of his condo is the most cozy place to lay down!

Obi is keeping his eye on all the toys!

Petunia is extra sleepy today!

Roxanne is extra chatty today!

Saba loves all the attention and nose boops!

Tors is having lots of fun with bird watching!

Turlough likes to watch all the kitties from his condo, while getting lots of pets!

Watson isn't sure if he should nap or play!

Waimea is too cozy to come out for pictures!

That's all for today
see you back here on Tuesday!
-AMK Team

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