Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sleepy kitties

Zezou is so happy with his new haircut!

Don't tell him but I think  it looks a little silly.

He's still such a cutie 

Mink hiding behind his bed.

Pepe and Lil Breesey don't wanna come out of their carrier.

Puss'n'Boots is glad to be back!

Herschel lounging around his condo

Philbert also went to the groomers yesterday, Happy (late) Halloween!

"What chu want? Huh?" Pepe is such a tough guy

Avery loves this corner for some reason. He also likes sleeping on the surface instead of the bedding.

Miley doesn't want to go outside today, too windy! she says.

Aww Bentley looks so sweet curled up all nice and cozy.

Lucy is passed out. Poor little thing had to go to the vet the other day, but she's all better now!

Gilda hiding behind her paw and tail

Boo has such a distinct face, he's just too handsome.

Here's our Lady getting some rest.

I moved Herschel upstairs today and I think he's liking the office a bit better.

Kuro getting up close and personal. 

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