Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving's still in full swing here at AMK!


Leo is so cute!

So many kitties are sleeping off their food coma!  Here's Smokey

Pepper's taking it easy today.

Cooper is just the cutest!

Look at his little dance.

Dexter really likes this spot next to the computer.

Butterscotch napping away.

Aww, how cute is Coco!

Popo has moved herself into the office.

Gomez being Gomez

Herschel in his favorite spot.

Lucy under the spotlight.

Oops, sorry to wake you up Gabby!

Marilyn? What are you doing?

Beau is so handsome in his tuxedo! He really dressed to impress for thanksgiving dinner.

Jackson has just been purring away all day! Even in his sleep.

Aussie enjoying her condo.

Aww and sweet little Gigi!

Poncho took over someone elses condo.

Lulu's not talking up a storm today! Hmm.. Maybe she ate too much yesterday. I know I did!

Abbott and Costello hanging out together.

And here's our sweet Lady Penelope.

"Make sure to get my good side!" ~ Hana 

Luna is thinking about going outside. She's still not too sure, her condo is pretty cozy!

Millie is such a cutie.

Ozzie looks so comfortable in his little basket.

What's down there Cornelius?

Ziggy prefers the comfort of her carrier.

Oh hey now, Babs! No need to stick your tongue out at me.

Olive could be a model, I swear.

Oh what, you too?

Sam looks so pleased with himself. What are you up to Sam?

Philbert is such a handsome guy.

And such a talker!

Cougar showing off the outside catio.
Zezou is still in the holiday spirit!

I noticed the blanket was moving and what do I find? Yuki!

Bentley should have one of those "do not disturb" signs outside his kitty cabin.
Sorry buddy! I just wanted to take your picture!

Samson prowling around.

I hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving yesterday!
I'm thankful I get to hang out with all these lovely kitties!
Today's blog host - Ellen.

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