Friday, December 26, 2014

Boxing Day

Twas the night after Christmas, when all through the house
so many kitties were stirring, but most definitely not a mouse (except maybe Mickey).

We at All My Kitties hope all of you had a wonderful Holiday yesterday.  We have a lot of photos of your favorite felines, but not a lot of time for captions.  Enjoy!

 It's great to get as much help as possible on busy days.  Sophie here is assisting me with the blog.

 Leo is scrutinizing Sophie's work. 

 Clovis is new today and still settling in.  He'll be butter in our hands tomorrow.

 Aussie girl, a frequent guest, is with me in the office this visit. 


 Finally someone, Cooper, is untangling my computer cords.  

 Sassafras is our little darling.

 Dexter better watch out.  I might snitch his cozy blanket.

 Brother Pepper is eyeing it too.




Aww, Neddie

 Sookie.  What a perfect name.  She just looks like a Sookie.

 Sookie and Mossimo are best friends.

 Eliza LOVES the outdoors, no matter what the weather is.

 Prince has a little attitude. 

Can you count how many cats are in this photo? #1 Dixie, #2, Tenzing, #3 Sam, #4 Prince, #5 Juneau, and they're all getting along. Of course, they are at All My Kitties.

 Yana looking for sister Nyar.  Oops no photos of Nyar today.  











 Miss Roseabelle






And Summer helping us with lots and lots of laundry.

Happy Boxing Day to our Canadian friends.

Your blog host - Marie

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