Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1st

Lucy enjoying a nice heated bed with a view.

Butter is just passed out

Pumpkin peeking over to see if he still has any breakfast left.
Niko looks pretty comfy in this tent she found.

Muffin is just too darn cute!

Dexter loves to hang out on top of the condos.
Kiki showing off her claws

Muffin just has the look on her face like, "Yea, I'm cute. You don't need to tell me twice!"

She's not even phased by Winston grabbing at her through the condo.

Leo thinks someone else's carrier makes the perfect bed

Pepper is so silly. She keeps jumping on my lap then off again a minute later.

Beau enjoying his carrier from home.

Philbert looks so handsome on his cheetah print bed.

Reva being adorable

New kitty Emma is sooo cute! Even though she's completely Deaf, she can always tell when I'm nearby.

Rex is loving this winter weather

aww cute little Rex nose!

Petunia just went home but before she left I snapped this picture. Too cute!

Downward facing kitty pose

Linus has sooo much to talk about.

He's got some pretty interesting stuff to say if you take the time to listen.

Bentley is another kitty who's absolutely loving this cold weather.
Pepper posing by the window.

Winston is soo cold he's taken to curling up inside my shirt.

Happy Monday!
Your blog hosts - Ellen & Winston

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