Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 3rd

Hank has a new favorite spot in the cattery.
Pepper is once again on my lap.

She's just too cute.

As soon as she got up, Emma came in to take her place.

Uh oh, I think Pepper might want her spot back. My lap's the place to be apparently!

Dexter is just fine hanging out on top of the condos.

And Tess is nice and cozy in her condo.

Dean likes to be where the other kitties are.

Here he is paying Linus a visit.

Beau just snoozing away

Oops, I might have waken him up

And now he's ready for some cuddles!

Hank is such a cutie. Look at that adorable face

Winston ready to cause some trouble!

Here he is exploring Emma's condo in search of more food.

Happy Wednesday!

Your blog host - Ellen

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