Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22nd

Oyster looks pretty relaxed in his kitty tent.

Louis and Aussie are spending some time together.



Dexter just loves the condo tops

Sophie is quite content to stay in bed all day

Pepper relaxing on her bed from home.

Sassafras keeps moving her blankets out of her basket.

Nefertiti is pretty comfortable on top of the condos.

Neddie has such a sweet coy look on her face.
Settie is just too sweet. She came out and stood on my lap purring up a storm

Sookie always looks so surprised. She's soo cute!

MEOW! You tell 'em, Stanley!
Juneau peeking out from her condo

How handsome is Tenzing? I mean, look at that coat.

Maggie always has a lot to talk about
Like how she needs more cuddles.

"did somebody say cuddles?" Charlie's rushing over for some attention

Elsa is queen of the cattery.

Gitana rolling over for some attention.

Notch really likes this shelf he discovered.

Junior came in this morning and already settled into his favorite spot.

Sisters Nyar and Yana just can't get enough attention.

Sam enjoying the fresh air.

Aww Cougar, he's such a handsome kitty.

Millie has claimed this spot as hers.

Cougar enjoying some ear rubs

Buster guarding the stairs with Cooper hiding in the background

She's keeping her eye on Buster...

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