Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 19th

It's nearly the busy season for us at All My Kitties again and the house is full of lovely guests!  

 Leo is simply stunning with his new haircut.
Tenzing is one cool kitty.  

New cat Gus just arrived yesterday and he's such a handsome guy!

Juneau just got woken up from a nap.  

Sid is brand new to the cattery and is setting down nicely.  

Coco comes to life when she sees a camera.

And Coco's sister, Butterscotch is photogenic too!

It's good to see sweet little Taylor relaxing with paws outstretched.  

 Mr. T is always on the move!

Emma just arrived and she's still thinking about leaving her carrier.  

Yuki is enjoying some fresh air.  

Popo loves the dining room chair Marie brought down for her to nap on.  

  Hanna is still at it rolling for loves! 

Lewie, with the dark around his eyes, is such a darling!

Madame Mimmy is is brand new and she's a very lively girl!

Mojo is just the most squeezable guy...  

...who adores being petted...

And loves having his picture taken!

Thanks for looking!  

You're blog host,


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