Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16th

I'm creating a blog post a little later in the afternoon than I usually do, so hardly any of the cat's are napping---they want DINNER!

Yuki is such a love!

Popo is patiently awaiting her dinner.

Scooter is a very friendly guy.

Mary has the cutest markings around her face!

Isis gets caught mid yawn.  

Pancho Villa and Bela strut their stuff.

Edgar is such a dandy!  

New kitty Taylor has still yet to venture out of her carrier, but she just arrived a few hours ago.  

Rosabelle tells me its dinner time by jumping up in her condo.

Mr. T is all eyes!

Rosabelle meets me at every turn to remind me that it's still dinner time.

Marie's cat Domino knows that it's dinner time as well.  

 Hannah is so cute...I can't stress this fact enough!  

Poncho has been enjoying the sunny weather. 

I can't get enough of Flea Biscuit's beautiful green eyes!

Solo is one cool kitty with a relaxed demeanor.  

Skeeter jumps to attention!

 Mojo asks, "Is it DINNER TIME??"

Bela has unmistakably good posture for a cat.  
Rosalyn has been sunbathing all afternoon.

Louis just came in today and found a cozy spot in his basket.

Yes Mojo, it's dinner time.  

Thanks for checking us out today!

Your blog host,


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