Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 29th

Louis likes to find a comfy spot and just flop around on his belly!

So cute!

Taylor is more on the cozy side, but he's still a sweetheart!

Phoebe and Sebastien are always snuggled up together, its just adorable!

Mochi and Pickle are back!

Beau is always friendly and floppy!

Maki is also quite the floppy-cat

His brother Jasper is still warming up, but we can tell he's a sweetie!

Maddie is always in the mood for some scratchin'

Luna wants to know where there is camera in her face, not food in her bowl

Bailey is the biggest talker! He's just a big bundle of love

Bear is always on the move

Leo is a master of quizzical looks

Gus just wants to enjoy the view!

How do you get a comfy cat out of a heated cabin?

Chin scratches of course!

Sssshhh looks like Frankie is still napping

Lili is just the most darling little cat!

What a cutie!

Bump is shy but just so, so sweet!

I like the name Brawler but really he's just a cuddler!

Blog today by Miles wishing you all fantastic vacations, wherever you may be!

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