Friday, March 6, 2015

March 6th

Hello to you too, Loki!

This guy makes some of the cutest faces!

Skeeter right at home on the computer chair. It's okay, I don't mind sitting on that teeny little corner.*sigh*

Scooter just woke up from one of his many afternoon naps.

Kiki. you know you lay IN the bed and not next to it, yes?

Mittens enjoying some face rubs

Millie sound asleep

"Excuse me, you weren't finished petting me over here!"

Bojangles comes out to explore a bit in the mornings then it's back to her cozy condo.

"Make sure to get my good side!" ~ Rosabelle

Rosabelle, all your sides are your good sides!

Cougar got a random burst of energy

And now has to flop around a bunch

Bear is being so sweet that I could hardly get a picture of him! 

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