Friday, July 17, 2015

July 17th

Gabby is such a good looking kitty!

Sylvia enjoying her condo

Leah and Pookie hanging out together!

Luda loves this window box!

Millie is such a cutie

Pepper was feeling a little camera shy

Sweet little Mary

Summer stretching her way out of her basket

Even Palu has to stop and admire her tail sometimes.

Maggie, what are you doing?

Mowgli and Poke hanging out together

Kizme is a sweet and quiet girl

Gigi is following me all over the place. It's DINNER TIME!

Junior perking up to say hello

Bubba staying cool in the shade

Lopo is just the friendliest guy

Frank wondering what happened to the roof of his cabin

Tiger is a jungle cat!

Happy Friday!

Your blog host - Ellen

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