Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 7th

Ariel and Zee have been chasing each other around the office all day. 

Zee stalking Ariel
Ariel stalking Zee

Hmm something's going on...

Lazer eyes!

Handsome Mr Finley enjoying his carrier

Catamaran is such a cutie

Gabby is loving the window boxes!

Pretty Miss Josie

Maggie blends in with her bed so well

Gigi curled up in bed

Sweet Palu

Scout soaking up some love

Mowgli likes to practice his ballet in his sleep

Frank has been coming out of his cabin more recently! Yay Frank!

Lopo posing for the camera

A big yawn from Grace

Junior is such a love

Olive rushing over for attention

May all stretched out and relaxed. What a doll!

Lucy has decided she likes to hang out in the main room downstairs 

Purrrcy made himself a little blanket fort!

Your blog host - Ellen

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