Saturday, July 11, 2015

July 11th 2015

Ariel asleep on the food tray.  

Pretty little Sylvia likes a high-up spot.  


Zee is such a handsome boy!

Luda has the run of the place now.  

Darby is such a dandy!

What would Maggie do without her special bed??

Lovely Palu is a big fan of her condo.  


Scout, did I wake you up?

Gus pokes his head out of his carrier to say hi.  


Lopo was here for the heat wave and he's happy to see it's finally back to overcast again.  

Charles in his basket.  

Mia is a petite little sweetie.  

Puss n' Boots can not be contained.  

Frank just got the roof whipped off his cabin.  

We've found your super secret spot, Purrrcy!

Pretty miss Leah has a private nap corner behind the computer desk.  

Lucy prefers the highest point in the cattery.  

Leo, our little crumpet, could you be any more cute??  

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