Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 22nd, 2015

Tiger is such a sweetie!

Poke is up in her perch

Mowgli givin' us a pose

Lopo loves his perch

His brother Frank even came out to join him!

Tiger again being a sweetie

Mr. Green all curled up and cozy

Samson, showin' off those big front paws

Kitty Angel giving us a big yawn and a tongue

Mowgli is always running around!

He's waving to us!

Lopo showing us proper grooming technique

Eve is such a cutie!

Kizme being her sweet, adorable self

Tiger in the office helped me with all the computer work today

Parker came out to explore!

Leah was curled up asleep

How are you so cute Lily?

Alice jumpin' down for some scratches!

Blog today by Miles, wishing you wonderful vacations, exciting explorations and safe returns!

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  1. More pix of Mowgli & Poke!!! They're my fav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!