Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November 14th

No need for umbrellas here!
Image result for kitties watching storm

Your kitties are warm and cozy during this cozy week at AMK!

Elijah is the king of cozy

Sweet girl Mary 
Bags comes over to say hello!

Isis has the coolest face paint
Mary steppin out!

Elijah wants to help me with paperwork

Or perhaps help me with paint touch-ups!

Little Samantha adores her tent
Glamour girl Tula

Sing to me!

Hey Olive!
Olive has picked her favorite water bowl in the whole cattery

Kali kitty came to visit today!

Miss Mimi prefers loft living

Fifa feeling a nap coming on

Hamlet has no time for naps!

Zip loves the great outdoors
Stormy weather doesn't keep Riga inside!
Bags gives some 'tude
Riga loves the camera
Simon's new fav nap spot
Hamlet is such a ham

Simon says "so long! and thanks for all the views!"

Your blog host,
Angela (& Elijah)

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