Wednesday, November 8, 2017

November 8th

Too much fun for Zip!

Roo snoozes to his own schedule.  

Darling Elijah.

Meena purrs up a storm.  

We love you, Little Bit!

Because you are so sweet!

Bags gives us his best Batman.  

You are a quiet little mouse, Lily.  


Eru and Taiko are best buds.  

Welcome, Fifa!  

Oh, Olive!

Luna's got the X factor!  

Riga stays cozy in the catio.  

Simon puts on the charm.  

Lovely Lenez!  

Zip ventures into the catio for the first time.  

Simon is a regal cat.  
Can't get enough of you, Luna!  

Tula reigns from on high at the top of the stairs.  

Purr-C, poodle!

Mezzy LOVES her condo!

And pets!

Your blog host,


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