Monday, November 6, 2017

November 6th

funny lazy cats

Whoever heard of a lazy Monday?
These kitties sure know how to relax!

Little Bit watching the day pass

Looks like we caught Rainy mid-bath!

Lily all snuggled up in her cozy bed

Oliver looking rather dapper

Bags loves to be coy with me

Roo makes sure we get his good side

Elijah looking like a mini-Charles! (Marie's cat)

Tula: "let me sing you the song of my people"


Gus nose!

Molly loves the view from the top

Millie girl!

Simon loves blog time

Kenji, the king of the catio!

Tycho very attached to his nest

LeNez wasn't too happy about getting her eye boogers wiped, but she sure is quick to forgive!
Kodiak gets bigger every visit! Don't grow up too fast buddy!

Get that rope!

Finally! Someone for Kodiak to play with!

Taiko is too cute!
(ps - he and his brother Eru are still looking for their forever homes!)

Meena loves to play peekaboo with me

Just stunning!

Whats up Elijah?

Oh you wanted to show me the view! Its lovely out there!

Simon and I say thanks for checking out the blog today! 

Feel free to email for more photos of your fur-baby!

Your Blog Host,
Angela (and Simon)

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