Sunday, November 26, 2017

November 26th

Today begins the mass exodus of holiday kittiesImage result for cat migration

We will miss their sweet faces until next holiday!

Sir Bags

Leo on the move!

Coco Cutie!

Princess Jessica

Misu is SO sweet!

Samantha Sweetie

Teddy Bear!

Cassini off in dream land

Janeway doesn't mind sharing her condo with Luna

McClane all tuckered out

Petunia is such a goof!

Merlin & Archer making friends

We're already friends Archer!

What a look Purr-C!
Misu such a love baby

Samantha so pretty!

Elijah found a new fav hangout (plus toebeans!)

Gabby is an independent gal

Oliver always makes a great desk helper

Welcome Trixie!

Surprised Scout!

Little Luna

Janeway goes for the leap!

Handsome Purr-C

Newton's tag looks like he's got a butterfly stuck in his mouth! 

Merlin lives for the catio

Teddy sure is ready for his closeup

Stunning Stanley

Oh hey Teddy!

Blaire the love bear

Jade doesn't let having 3 legs slow her down!

Scout mlem 
Figaro onto new adventures

Awww Fluffy baby

Parkour is ready to go home!
Ike is always out and about!

Thanks for checking out the blog today! Sorry if we missed anyone!

Your Blog Host,
Angela (& Ollie)

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