Monday, March 12, 2018

March 12th

Spring is here at All My Kitties!

Buddy making new friends

Elijah in "his" spot

Whose this floof??


Andy waits patiently for her petting session

Buddy lives for the sunshine

Niko loves the shade

Esme wants to go home with Gurnesey!

A rare moment of no snuggling for these cuties!

Bags found the perfect bed

So sad to see Raffy go home today 

Fiona is so curious!
Fifi remembers her favorite cabin! 
Don't worry - no one's gonna steal it!

Simba, King of the Catio
"Everything the light touches will be yours Simba"
"But what about that black shadowy place?"

Otis is always out and about

Q-Tip just arrived and is still getting comfortable

Sweet Penny already made herself at home
Blue blep!
Great big pumpkin eyes!

Shadow couldn't wait to get in the catio this morning

"Seriously, where are my pets?" - Otis

Shadow is the nicest guy!

Lamar we're gonna miss you when you go home today!

Fiona's always gotta see what I'm up to
Papa Bert is so cozy!

Last day at AMK for our sweet boys in grey!
They finally have a forever home!
We're gonna miss them so much!!

Thanks for checking us out!

Your Blog Host,

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