Saturday, March 24, 2018

March 24th

                           The house is full of Spring Breakers!  

Buddy boy!  

Yuki and Hana just rolled in.  

They are siblings for sure.


Staying out of trouble today?  

Andy and Niko are better together.  

Elijah rules the office.  

Cutie-patootie Hugo.  

Magical Marilyn.  

Comfortable Rajah.  

Thumbs is a very dignified cat.  

Welcome back, Simon!

This is GG's tent!


Everybody loves Tom Hanks.

And Tom Hanks loves everybody!  

Sebastian is a shy guy but a nice guy!

Peaceful Millie.

Badger looks like his namesake.  

Lovely little Bean.  


Blueberry is the cutest.  

Frankie, baby!

Marvelous Candy.  

Sriracha is the spice of life.  

Moe has such striking eyes.  

You get it, Hugo!


Lopo reigns supreme.  

Sweetest Frank.  

Otis likes to get about.  

Hello, Smaug!

Badger is a looker!  


GG couldn't be sweeter.  


Jazmine in the window box.  

Fluffy cakes!  

Beautiful Tula.  

Rosalie is really warming up to the place!

Have a great day!

Your blog host,


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