Sunday, October 14, 2018

October 14th

We're Having So Much Fun With All These Kitties!

Elsie R. comfort nursing on her tail 

Ponce looking stately

Ponce rolling around

Elsie B. has the sweetest little face

This kitten is just so small and silly I can't resist taking pictures of her

Here she is biting the blind chord (don't worry I took it away from her)

Here she is ready to POUNCE 

Beautiful Bayley!

She's like a jungle cat

Sleepy sweet Yuffie

Oyster is LOUNGING

Riley cozy in his condo

Pretty Frankie

Can you tell from her face that she was purring up a storm?

Sweet Nina!

She's like please don't photograph me while I clean my paws

Penny is such a sweet floofy girl!

Yoss being affectionate and adorable

Old man Nim rolls around and purrs

Oyster takes a break from lounging to explore

Mack is the best guy!

Cougar does a big yawn

Marlo went through a lot of emotions during our photo shoot

I'm not even ssure what he was hissing at but he looks FIERCE

Little kitty tongue

Pretty Brutus in the sun!

Smokey enjoys the catio

Carlotta is trying to catch a cat toy

She got it!

Monkey is playful too!


Monkey scales higher on the cat tree!

Wayne has such cute little paws 

Dick chills on top of one of the condos

Jinx curled up for a nap!

Garth sharpens his claws

Hyra's pretty eyes

Noodles on the catio!

Look at that little pink nose!

Nox stakes out a spot high up!

Brody tucks himself in a corner for a nap

Jack gets his turn to play! 

Blizzard in his condo

Tofi is like a lil marshmallow: round, soft, and sweet!

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Sorry if we missed anyone! Please let us know and we will send you a personal photo update!