Tuesday, October 2, 2018

October 2nd

It's Playtime at All My Kitties!

Monkey baby!

Frankie lives for lap cuddles

Padstow is always so photogenic 

Scout basks in a sunny spot

Brutus the attention-lover!

Stanley is a love

Quorra finally enjoying the catio!

Ravishing Rita

Hyra is the prettiest little lady

And tough too! 
Skipper pretending to be asleep...

He always wakes up when its snuggle time

Cecil can keep an eye on his brother from up here

Charles loves his cabin

Sweet Nim - cool as a cucumber 

Lamar Mlem!

Regal Rita

Rigby follows me everywhere I go

Sharpening those murder-mittens

Lamar is saving some breakfast on his snout

And doing some yoga!

Rigby checks out the cabins


Nim is right at home

Shepard blep

Elsie says hi to Miyu who just arrived

So much to explore!

Idgie loves hanging out in the desk drawer

And away she goes!

Rolling around, loving all the petting 
Elsie and Idgie prowling around together

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host,

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