Saturday, October 6, 2018

October 6th

Stanley is so determined!

You get it, Jack!

Frankie at home in the catio

Sweetest Hyra.


Heyo, Bazbeaux!

Brutus in a window spot.  

Come inside, Monkey!

Shepard likes her basket bedding-free.  

Miyu, buddy!

Nim is satisfied with his condo.  

Ponce is a condident dude!

Darling kitten Elsie!

Ollie found a nice spot to nap behind the computer monitor.  

Shepard is a friendly one.

Nim out and about.  

Idgie in a desk drawer!

Bayley is already warming up to her new surroundings.  

Kitten cakes!

Confident Carlotta.  


Is that you in there, Noodles?

Brew being silly.  

She's got a BIG personality for sure.


Brutus isn't camera shy.  

Mew is a dream!


Monkey is a nice guy!

Kittles grabs a drink.

Bobby the explorer!  


Bright-eyed Jack.

Have a great day!

Your blog host,


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