Thursday, October 4, 2018

October 4th

Majestic Brutus.  

Shepard is a sweetie!

Ponce is settling in nicely.  

Lamar, baby!

Yossarian is a friendly guy!

Miyu is warming up to the place!

Nim sitting politely.  

Elsie has a lot of energy!

Monkey cakes!  

Ollie is back for another visit!

Always good to see you again, Noodles!

Kitzel likes the fluffiness of his condo.  

Greyson just got dropped off minutes ago.  

Frankie is so nice!


Padstow's special spot.  

Mew has a lot to talk about.  

Brutus is an outdoorsy kind of cat.  

Hey Frankie!

Here comes Stanley!

Curious Mew.  


Jake and Cleo just arrived yesterday and they a snuggle bugs together.  

Stan the man!

Monkey loves his condo.  

What a cutie!

Nice to meet you, Brew!

Idgie appreciates a nice high-up spot.  


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