Friday, February 22, 2019

February 22nd

We appologize if anyone didn't make it into yesterday's abreviated blog--- here are some more pictures of those who missed out!  

Dusty is forest emp!

Swisher and Dusty are best buds forever. 

Mysterious Miyu.

You get it, Hunter and Swisher!

Dependable Stanley.

Great to see you again, Louie!


Skylar found a nice high-up spot next to a heater to cozy up on.  

Captivating Kuro.

Beauvoir waves hello.  

Crunchy welcomes you to her condo.  

And shows off her manicure.  

Abagail loves the catio!

Charlie is all over the place today.  

What a nice guy!

Swisher and Charlie's tale.  

Ginsberg is a cutie!  

Dusty and Swisher going in for the kiss!  

It's a cat ball!  (Don't worry, they are just playing!)

Stormy looks good in tabby stripes.  

Hunter goes nose to nose with Stormy.

Marvelous Miyu.  

Precious Louie.

Charlie is a dream come true!


Oscar is quiet content to hang out in his condo.  

Hello there, Miyu!

Milly being silly.

Cleo watches over her condo and her brother.  

Jake is never far from his sister.  

Nino demands notoriety.  

Ringo is really warming up to the place! 

And he's such a sweetie!

Rufina is the furriest princess I know.  


Percy looks content with himself.  

Juno stretches out to say hello.

Manny, baby!


Rita so sweeta! 

George takes after his sister.

Glamourous Wally.

Newcomer Frankie is starting to settle in and enjoys lounging on his special blanket from home.  

Ringo is a looker!

Rufina found a window spot.


Saoirse is a delight.  

Ellie steals the spotlight.

Super Cooper!

Thanks for looking!

Your blog host,


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