Sunday, February 24, 2019

February 24th

Sunday FundayAt All My Kitties!
Crunchy explored the catio right before she had to go home

Jiji always looks like I snuck up on him!

Stormy inspects the clean litter boxes

Abigail lives for the catio

"I don't trust that one over there!"

Marci lets everyone know this is HER basket

Cozy Frank

Abigail wants all the love!!

"Is my mom coming home yet?" - Charles

I wish I could join you in there Frank 
Jiji meets Lamar!

Stormy lets me know its her turn for love

Lopo is illuminating

Portrait of a Gentleman

Lamar is family here
And so is Simon these days!

Skyler likes to hang out in Ella's condo

She's always happy for company!

She has the cutest little white mittens

Sweetest Siblings!

Jake & Cleo are best friends

Cooper has some formidable teefies

Francis is a well done croissant 
Princess of the Floof

Sorry to wake you from your beauty sleep


All I gotta do is give him my hand and he gives me all the love

Nino is such a cute little creamsicle

Frankie checks out the view

Cooper gets comfy

Ringo all tuckered out after a busy day

Greyson just wants to be as close as possible  
Well hello sir!

Nino says "come back soon!"

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