Tuesday, February 26, 2019

February 26th

We're Feelin Good!

At All My Kitties

Spooky boi Frankie

We had to say goodbye to sweet Rufina today...but we will see her again soon!

WOW! Its Cooper!

Francis loves the laps

And my hoodie!

Greyson the Charmer
Frankie why do you look so embarassed? 

Nino is a creampuff

Sorry to wake you Simon!

Nino is plotting something...
Frankie you love the windows!

Jiji to my Kiki

Sayyida has a lot to say today

Abigail can't get enough of the catio 

Chatty girl!

Lamar is TOO precious

And quite dashing

Simon makes sure this basket isn't taken before using it

He has the most epic ear fluff

Did you want to go into the catio today Frankie?
(he took a field trip to the catio later!)

Nino muffin

Sayyida illuminated

Cooper is the COZIEST boy
Greyson gets snuggles while I answer emails

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host(s),
Angela (& Greyson)

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