Saturday, May 11, 2019

May 11th

Happy Caturday!

A house for feline fanatics!

CC is on top of the world!

Mango enjoys the view from their condo

So nice to meet you Percy!

And you too, Ned!

Big Baby is really a tiny baby

CC is already ready for her closeup

Maginificent Millie

"With one quick swipe, that finger could be mine!"

Ike has the sweetest pumpkin face
Candy sure looks comfy
Oh, now you're awake!

She's a big beautiful lady!
Elsie has big Disney eyes

And she gets braver by the day!

Mezmerised by the garden 

Ike is just the sweetest guy

CC is a roly-poly little one!

I sure am gonna miss this cutie-pie when he goes home tomorrow

Squeeky little Ravello

Always up to something good

O'Malley found a nice spot to tuck into


Tiger cuddles!

"okaaay enough!"

Look at that handsome face!

We know why they call her carrier, "Frankie's Palace" 

Cleo looking like Frankie's twin! 

Shepard is pouting that her window box is out of commission this week

Cozy little Nix

Nim says "looooove meeee!"

Smokey you don't gotta run!

Thats better!

Ollie strikes a pose in the catio

Blue Steel!

Moxie your nose is so cute!

Nim enjoys some catio time

Mezzy likes to yell for love!

Crunchy says "won't you snuggle me?"
Frankie prances for attention

Crunchy is such a snuggly little lady!

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Angela (& Crunchy)

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