Monday, May 6, 2019

May 6th

The Magic of Spring

Holly & Petunia camping out

Illuminous Bilbo
Hazel & Ravello get to know eachother
Rita says "what about me?"

We always know where to find Millie on a hot summer day
Q-Tip struts her stuff around the office
And down for a field trip in the catio

Millie & her squishy eye

LV can't get enough of this sunshine

Its making him sleepy... 
Sleepy bathtime for LV!

Lindsay watches all the birds from up there 
Pita joins me on my lunch break

She waits here for me to make a nice spot for her to cuddle

Cougar wants snuggles!?

Happy to oblige!

Lindsay & Cougar hanging together
BRAVE Elsie makes her way (carefully) into the catio

Tail up!  
She wants to love it!

Ravello is like a plush Halloween cat

Heidi is still settling in

Should we change your name to Jiji, Ravello?

Or maybe just "Adorable"


Howdy Bilbo!

Hazel needs to check out the catio too 
I promise its not scary!

Hello Holly!

Petunia looks so worried! Don't worry, you'll get dinner soon

Noel watches the action from her basket 
Crunchy kitten!

Classic greeting from Crunchy! 

What do you think of the catio, Crunchy?

Snuggles for Rita!

Its been quite a day here! Apologies if we missed anyone!

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host,

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  1. Thanks for all the photos of Ravello! Love seeing these. Looks like he’s having a great time.