Wednesday, May 8, 2019

May 8th

The world's coolest kitties have graced us with their presence this week.  What have we done to deserve such an honor??


You know how to have a good time!

Precious Pita.

Elsie is fierce on  the catwalk.


Bilbo loves to explore!


Bilbo is everywhere today.

You look cozy, Oreo.

Millie with the dark around her eyes.

Cougar on the watch for birdies.

Bright-eyed Elsie.


Oreo loves receiving visitors at his door.  

He shows off his sweet digs.


Leveon takes advantage of the heated floors.  



L.V. has really warmed up to the place.

Nina says she's very satisfied with her condo number.

Frankie watches the world outside from his perch.  

Noel peaks her head out to say hello.

Smokey, baby!

Adorable Lindsay.

Smokey being a love dove.

Nim is always agreeable.

Forth-coming Lindsay.

Who's that cutie in the basket?  Nix!

Ollie just arrived for another stay.

Nim loves everyone!

Elsie sure loves her condo!

Millie nice and flat. 

Pita soaks up the sun.


Great to see you again, Tiger!

Bilbo "graduated" to the main part of the cattery.  

Ravello beckons us to pet him with wave of his paw.  

What a cutie!   

Ollie is out and about.

Crunchy is a purr-baby.

Handsome Ollie.

Heidi is a cute little mouse.

Thanks for looking!

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