Monday, May 13, 2019

May 13th

Sharing the Love!

Tiger in a hole!

Snuggle times

He looks SO content! 
Pretty little Mezzy
She's so little she can hardly see over the edge of her basket!

O'Malley comes down to check out the catio 
Ned found a nice cool spot out there

Welcome Baba & Leopold!

Candy's Cabin

Handsome Ned
Big Baby is a BIG fan of the catio cabins
Its so cozy in there!

Elsie is on top of the world!

Percy is a quiet but super sweet guy 

O'Malley chose his own condo this week

Mango & CC snuggle time!

First CC grooms Mango

Now its CC's turn!

Mango needed some space after that

Percy has been very explorative today

New friends, Elsie and O'Malley love to share a condo during the day

Gracie has the prettiest ear-whiskers!

Goofy Cooper rolls around, sharing his condo with Ollie for the afternoon

Cleo is in love with her basket

Shepard is a sweetie, she just doesn't love the camera

Sorry pretty girl! You are just too cute not to photograph!

Moxie peers out of her condo cautiously

Nim appreciates a good donut bed

Nix is quiet during the day, but loves to come out and explore at night!

Welcome back Francis!
He misses the window boxes...don't worry, they shall return!

A Portrait of Smokey Gray

I guess Ollie's leg was too hot to stay in bed

Glossy Gracie

Just sweeping up some Cooper

Smokey is on the look out!

Gracie was kind enough to share her condo with Francis this afternoon 
Well hello there Ike!

Candy knows where to go when its time for dinner

Kisses for Mezzy!!

Thanks for tuning in!

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