Wednesday, November 10, 2021

 November 10th

It is a beautiful sunny Wednesday here!

Our furry friends are having a playful day!

Ben is out and about today! He loves to greet everyone at the door of his condo!

Cleo and Jake have been exploring today! They have both been out to the catio! And have been getting to know our other furry friends!

Fifa and Olive have settled in well! Olive has done a lot of exploring today while Fifa has decided to stay in her basket and blankets! Olive is trying to find the perfect place for an afternoon nap!

Guinness loves the top of the condos! He loves playing with me through the space between the ceiling and condo! His new favorite toy is full of feathers!

Jasmine is always down for snuggles! She makes sure to let us know when it is time for a good scratch behind the ear verses when it is time for a nap!

Jules is back and ready for action! He is already exploring every nook and making new friends! 

Kashi had too many too cute so I had add them all! He loves to snuggle and is always following us in the mornings to make sure he gets his proper share!

Mango did a lot of exploring this morning! He loves the window boxes and the closet the best! He makes sure that he is back in his condo for an afternoon nap!

Obi has a couple more photos! He was too cute when playing when the carrot! It is his new favorite toy and he has taken back to his condo!

Patrick was not happy that I interrupted his observations of Obi for a photo shoot! He is much more interested in running around! 

Penny is back in her favorite condo! Her first day is always making sure that it is just the way she likes it and that we haven't changed anything! Once she checks everything, she settles in very comfortably! 

Tana is obsessed with this basket! It is right by the door so she can watch everything that is going on! She is quick to demand a head scratch from anyone who walks by her basket!

Cat Fun Fact! The first known cat video was recorded in 1894!

See you all on Friday! 



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