Thursday, November 4, 2021

November 4th, 2021

 November 4th, 2021

It's a rainy fall day here in Seattle! The kitties are doing their best to keep cozy today - and I think they're succeeding. I think I'd like to take a page out of their books for today... Getting cozy in some blankets sounds like a great way to spend the day!

Arti and Mini have their own ways of enjoying a rainy day inside! Arti likes to stay snuggled in their den while Mini takes advantage of the quietness to explore the cattery. Both sweet girls enjoy cuddles when we walk by!

Cairo cracked me up today by standing up on his hind legs for a little while to sniff me. He's a real cutie - super sweet and soft, too! He's enjoying exploring his new surroundings and making friends along the way. He likes Celine a lot, and I think he and Petunia will be buds before too much longer.

Sweet Celine! She's a little more introverted than the other kitties. Not shy, but definitely enjoys her alone time. She's a delicate little lady that loves curling up in her basket! She enjoys the company of Cairo when he comes to nap in her condo with her.

Guinness and Jasmine just arrived yesterday! So far, Jasmine has totally made herself at home, owning the condo. Guinness likes his little shelf to nap on, but maybe Jasmine will share the den if he shows interest! We'll just have to see - sometimes, siblings prefer to do "bunk beds" like this!

Kashi and Tana also have their own ideas of coziness today - Kashi can be found inside, on top of the condos, close to the heat! Tana is enjoying a nap out on the catio where she can hear the rain (and see the pretty blue star lights). Sweet dreams are coming her way for sure!

Obi, our helpful little guy, continues to spend his days following us around the cattery. He's a great pal to have around! Always sweet and gentle, with a fun personality to bounce around the cattery. He wasn't afraid to brave the cold, wet catio with me, but he definitely prefers his perch on top of the condos inside!

Patrick decided to take a little outdoor shower today, catching some of the rain to help him in his bath time. He sometimes likes to follow Obi around and play tag, but it looks like today they're both doing some self-care, spa type things!

Petunia! Oh, little Tuna Cat, you're so hard to take pictures of. She's so lovely and will spend the whole day snuggled up to me if I let her. It's wonderful! But it doesn't make for easy photoshooting. It works out for me, though, since she keeps me nice and cozy on a dreary day like today!

Pugsley and Wednesday continue to enjoy doing their own things. Wednesday often explores the office for a while before settling into her comfy bed, and Pugsley likes to roll around in his den and show me his toes and tummy! Both babies get lots of pets when it's cuddle time.

That's our gang for now! We have a few kitties joining us later today, and a few more tomorrow, so we'll be back Saturday with more friends.


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