Saturday, November 27, 2021

November 27th, 2021

 November 27th, 2021

With Thanksgiving now over, we're leaning into the holiday season here at All My Kitties! 

Owner Marie's resident kitty, Shiloh, is ready to help us decorate and get in that festive spirit! Lots of our Thanksgiving guests were headed home today, but we still have a handful of sweet faces here to show off!

Albi is the first one to come out of the condos in the morning. She is always ready to start her day with some bird watching, socializing, and lots of chatting with me!

Purrfect Apollo knows just how to find the good spots to nap where no one else will bother him!... Well, except for me, when I come to take pictures. But he's a sweet boy who doesn't mind too much!

Archer and Janeway were all over the place this morning, roaming the cattery up and down! This pair is great at finding those good cozy spots to sit in, and they like to make rounds to see what everyone else is getting up to!

Ash has a condo right next to a window, so he gets to enjoy all the pleasures of fresh air and birdwatching right from his shelf! This sweetie isn't much one for adventuring, but he's totally down for other kitties to stop in and visit him for a while, or for me to just come give him some love. What a sweet boy!

Bucky did it all today... Naps in his den, exploring on top of the condos, naps on top of the condos... A little of everything! I love this handsome little guy and his cute ears. He makes for a great snuggle buddy. 

Cairo keeps doing gymnastics on this shelf in his condo, rolling around and flopping in ways I wouldn't think are too comfortable, but he seems to love it! When he first stayed with us a little bit ago, he fell in love with this condo and spends most of his time hanging out inside! Nothing like a place to call your own. 

Chef's faces in these pictures really crack me up... He's been all over the office today, hanging out with friends and finding spots to nap. He usually spends his afternoon napping on top of the condos after a morning of socializing and exploring.

Sweet Chloe! This baby girl is almost always napping on top of this condo. She loves her own spot in her den and knows which condo is hers, but this one has a great view, the heat blows right near it, and there's usually something to hide behind up there. It's totally a favorite!

Coco has been doing her own thing in her condo, which is up against a window facing the garden, so she's never short on entertainment! While she isn't the super adventurous type, she knows what she likes and she likes her condo. Oreo even came to visit!... Sort of!

Pretty kitties Hana and Yuki split their time evenly between naps in their den and naps on top of the condo. Those are great spots to have in their rotation! They get a little freaked out when Apollo hops on top of their condo, but then once they realize he's not about to attack from above (he's just a nap spot connoisseur too), they settle back down.

Handsome Harvey! He's been hanging out with his buddy Miso the past few days. You can catch them both lounging in Miso's condo, or sometimes Harvey has found a new secret place to snuggle up. He got some exercise outside today, before heading in to get cozy with his bud. 

Jubilee is so reliably sweet and comfortable wherever I find him. These days, he has ONE condo that is his favorite to nap on top of. He hung out with me for a bit this morning while I answered emails and kept me nice and cozy, then found his preferred spot once I started cleaning things up.

Klaus is definitely still figuring us humans out, but he's having a good time when he's on his own! He likes to explore the office a little, seeing what the other kitties' beds are like, before eventually deciding his is the best and coming back in to settle down for a nap.

Sweet boys Merlin and Morgan have definitely kept us entertained today! These playful boys have been bouncing around the office, finding all the toys that got tucked under condos, stealing my chair, and so much more. They keep me laughing, and every now and then I even get a little snuggle out of it!

Sweet boy Miso! He's not big on exploring, but he's a sweetie who has been a great host to Harvey when he comes to visit. You can usually find Harvey napping on the shelf in Miso's condo while Miso is in his den. They just kind of share space together and enjoy the mellow vibes they each bring to the table. 

Nathaniel found a corner by the edge of a condo and seemed very interested in it... I think he knocked one of the toys underneath there, because the bowl of toys is pretty close by. Don't worry, Nathaniel, Merlin and Morgan are on the case!

Nimbus and Parkour are so social and curious! It's hard NOT to get a picture of them throughout the day! They're both sweet as can be, happy to chat, be pet, hang out, whatever! The best kind of "go with the flow" boys!

Glorious Oreo in her favorite napping spots. She likes up high places where she can look down on everyone and sprawl OUT! She's a big girl who needs her space! I love getting to pet her every time I walk by the condos she's napping on top of - SO soft!

Miss Phoebe!!! I didn't know her very well when she first arrived, but the more time I spend with her, the more I adore her. She extended her stay by a few days and I couldn't be happier. She's cute as can be, she makes blog days a breeze with her great modeling skills. 

Scout spent a lot of time exploring the cattery yesterday - even finding a way to get behind a condo and sit in the windowsill for a bit! I think that adventure must have tired him out, so he's spent most of today in his own condo, saying hi to the guests that like to nap on top of his room.

Tuckerman loves this cat cabin out on the catio! He sat on his "porch" for a bit today, saying hi to the folks coming to pick up kitties, and keeping an eye on the birds in the garden.

You can almost guarantee that if you walk by Tula's condo, she's gonna be cozied up in her basket. She just loves that thing! However, if you stop and sit for a minute, she'll come out and let you say hello for a while. She's a sweet little lady!

That's our gang for today! More kitties coming at you soon on Monday. We hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, and we look forward to spending the holiday season with your sweet kitties!



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