Monday, November 22, 2021

November 22, 2021

 November 11th    

We hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the week!

On furry friends have greeted Monday with bright eyes and bushy tails! 

Albi was being too cute today! She just wanted to roll around all day! She is really starting to make friends with the other cats as well! 

Antoine as always loves the catio! He found his favorite spot and he is settling in for his stay! 

Ash is settling in well! He has done a lot of exploring of his condo and Albi's! I think they are starting to become friends! 


Beau is not very interested in making new friends! However, he will always say yes to a new blanket straight from the dryer! 

Chef did a lot of exploring today! He even made friends with Jade!

Chloe did a lot of napping today! She found her favorite spot in front of the heat vent!

Dizzy and Louis got a lot of scratches today! They made sure to greet every customer that came through the gate!

Hana and Yuki were in great spirits today! Hana made that I was not too focused on computer work and Yuki was out exploring the tops of the condos!

Jade was very playful today! She especially liked to play with Marie's cats under the door!

Merlin and Ollie have settled in well! They love exploring the catio and getting lots of love!

Miso was out and about today! He loves to try out everyone else's condos! Every time I turn around, he is in a different bed!

Merlin and Morgan also been very playful today! They love chasing after the balls and toy mice that we have in the office! 

Nathaniel has decided for a quiet day in! Yesterday, he did a lot of exploring and had enough of the endless energy of the kittens! 

Nimbus and Parkour are living the dream! They love a good snuggle! And are not afraid to ask for more! 

Phoebe was out adventuring today! She can usually be found on the book shelves but today she decided condos were the places to be! 

Pikku and Runo were being too cute today so I had to include more photos! Runo is a little more shy than Pikku but they are both very bold when it is time to play!

Quincy was very curious why I would interrupt his nap for some photos! But the second was too good! He is such a little lion! 

Scout loves his new blue blanket! He loves that he can ignore his nosy neighbors if he like while he looks out the window!

Toast has really come out of his shell! He loves to climb, look out the windows, chirp at the birds, and find new places to nap! 

Tuckerman is back and he is very pleased to have his favorite basket back! He loves to snuggle in with a warm blanket on a chilly day! 

Tula was out and about this morning! In the afternoon, she decided that was enough for the day and headed back to her condo! She loves a good afternoon nap by the heated vents! 

Zelda has been exploring none stop today! She loves running up and down the stairs and watching the other cats! She is always very curious to what we are doing! 

Cat Fun Facts! A larger percent of the cat population in New England is polydactyl due to 17th century sailors believing that they were good luck and bringing them to the colonies! 

Wishing everyone safe travels!



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