Wednesday, June 1, 2022

June 1st 2022

 June 1st

Happy 1st of June! Still hanging in the 60s here, we're all waiting for that beach weather!

Bastet + Khonsu have been enjoying the weather and bird watching in the garden!

Beesly had the zoomies this morning and gave us all a good laugh!

Izzy hit the snooze button this morning, but still made sure to keep an eye on things!

Fennec was patrolling the office with style as usual, and Nagi was busy looking down on all the cats from her perch!

Monkey could not wait for his catio time, he plopped in a basket and made his home for the day!

Miss Edie was having a good time supervising from the comfort of her bed.

Yennefer was a social butterfly today!

Zolo kept watch over the catio and garden!

Damian ran all over the catio and hotel today, like a big boss!

Tenzing enjoyed lots of pets today from his condo!

Doughnut kept watch from her condo, while Spaghetti inspected everyone's condos!

Mittens got cozy outside in one of the cathouses + enjoyed her outdoor time!

Nando also kept very close watch on the goings on and all the other kittos!

Cairo wanted to be our helper today, leading the way!

Odysseus was too shy to come out of his condo today, but he was very receiving to pets and chest scratches!

Sailor made sure to keep watch from above, while Moses decided he'd rather take a snooze!

That's all for today's blog!

Here are a few cool tips for keeping your kitties nice and cool this summer!

See you all on Saturday!



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